Optimal Performance and Recovery

As a leading provider of sport related performance and recovery, we take pride in offering the best in dynamic and functional approaches to healing and optimization. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. A Doctor of chiropractic trained in sport specific functional analysis, Class IV K-Laser therapy, ART (Active Release Technique and ideal nutritional protocols, we can take an athlete to the next level.
– Dr. Bryan Ales

A graduate of Southern California University of Health Sciences, Dr. Ales has established himself as an expert in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports related injuries. With a background in biomechanics, postural distortion and functional movement analysis, Dr. Ales has transformed the lives of hundreds of patients looking to excel in the most demanding of sports. the root cause of a case is usually not in the “symptoms” a patient is experiencing. The value lies in the ability to find and correct functional abnormalities before they become a deficit. Treating symptoms is easy, restoring optimal performance is what separates doing a “job” from “following a passion”.

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